new year, new lifestyle

This blog is about my new journey of eating gluten free. By new, I’m talking just within the last 3 weeks. I had been feeling ill for 3 months straight when my doctor told me I need to cut out gluten from my diet. So far, it has been kind of a struggle but I feel so much better! This is why I decided to base this blog on being gluten free. I am still learning about it all but I will blog about it as I go!

Due to the fact that I am experiencing everything first hand, I will capture media myself on all aspects of the lifestyle. I can take photos of the food I make and eat. I can take audio recordings of interviews with people who also removed gluten from their diet. Additionally, I can record videos of my process at the grocery store or making certain recipes. I know a few people who are gluten intolerant. I would really like to interview them about how they approach the lifestyle. I will take audio clips of this for unit 3 when we will be working with audio editing in Adobe Audition. For unit 1, we will be working with Adobe Photoshop; I plan to create a poster that contains information about being gluten free. A lot of people don’t really know what gluten is or what foods it is found in so this poster is aimed to be informative.

It is really hard to hard to know which foods contain gluten. This is probably the hardest part of it all. When I am at restaurants or the grocery store, I constantly have to ask myself “does this have gluten?” and usually the answer is yes, unfortunately. Here is a link from my inspiration file that is a rough list of products that contain gluten: 

Another link from my inspiration file is to a website which contains many gluten free recipes. Majority of the time I have to cook my own meals due to the lack of options at restaurants. This is the website: 

I have also found a blogger who is gluten free and her website is gold. She is full of very useful information and even has a section for people who are new to gluten free living. Her website is:





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