graphic design project draft


I decided to create a poster for my graphic design project. The intent of this poster is to create an idea that living a gluten free lifestyle is not all about what you can’t eat but figuring out solutions to eating what you want and making that your lifestyle. There is a pancake in the lower right hand corner. The “normal” pancake would in fact include gluten, however there are so many alternatives. One of which would be using brown rice flour for the batter instead of regular all purpose flour. These still taste virtually the same and are actually better for you. It is substitutes like these that inspired this idea. Along with finding substitutes for foods you love, you can always just eat clean. This is what I do most of the time. This pretty much means eating natural whole foods like veggies, fruit, chicken, eggs, rice, etc. Doing this, you pretty much just eat those food as are (of course you cook the if wanted or needed). This is represented in the photo of the chicken with the veggies. These two principles are ideas I use everyday when eating gluten free. It as not as hard are you would think and I actually feel a lot more energized on a day to day basis because of it.

To make this, I took images I found and then mainly relied on the magnetic lasso tool in Photoshop to cut the pieces of the image I wanted out and place them on the poster. I then played around a lot with rotating, placement, and scale. I also used the text tool a couple times for the header and the smaller text. I found the images I used on Flickr. I knew I wanted to incorporate the brown rice flour somehow because seeing there is a gluten free alternative for flour shows that there is a very simple fix to some recipes to make them sans gluten. One problem I encountered twice was when I was using to magnetic lasso tool I had the wrong layer selected and did not even notice. This made me cut out something I did not want to and was quite frustrating. to prevent myself from repeating this mistake more than twice, I kept double checked my work to make sure everything was on the right step and layer.

Following are the links to where I found the images used:

http://GFexpo. Gluten Free Expo. Digital image. Flickr. N.p., 15 Dec. 2012. Web. <


4 thoughts on “graphic design project draft

  1. Hello Rachel!

    I can see that this is a very good design, it is simple, clean and clear. By reading my design description, you can tell I believe simplicity is the key to a great design, and you get that part done. I dig the background design choice, I believe choosing wood as a background is a very interesting and a successful design choice, it fits nicely with your message and it gives that natural, organic feeling needed for such topic. It is also very good choice because I believe it is very appealing to the audience for this particular field.

    Even thought simplicity is great, this design is a little bit too simple. In order to make the audience more engaged and catch the appealing of the audience, you should have much more going on in the poster, more colors, bright ones in particular and more visual effects would be perfect for the design. Moreover, since your topic is about creating healthy habits and “finding” substitute for the food you love, I suggest you use more popular or world scale foods, the likes of Ketchup, burgers and even bread! Therefore, you demonstrate that you can truly find the food you love and it is not as hard as one may think.

    All in all, this a very good design. I believe that your design looks and feel organic and you got the visuals right, I like the background and the design choices. they fit well with your message and it is exactly what attracts such audience. I can tell your heading in the right direction 😄

    Did you know, there are products such as shampoos, medicines, vitamins, supplements, toothpastes and lipsticks that use gluten for processing!


  2. Hey Rachel! Your poster looks so good, i love what you did with all of the pictures and making them super close it really adds extra pop to the poster. The way you blended all of your pictures looks perfectly done, the picture looks natural like it is all one collective item. I also really like the pictures you chose for this poster, promoting healthy eating and finding foods that look attractive is sometimes extremely difficult to do. It looks like you have a really good understanding about what you to do for your blog and you have a good understanding on how to bring it all together. For the most part your poster really screams professionalism and expertise but i think you could maybe work on blending the bottom right picture a little more to make it look more natural and free flowing. Moreover, I think you could benefit from taking some pictures of your own and trying to turn those into your project to make it a little more personal! Other than that, I’m excited to see what the rest of your blog has in store for us!

    (don’t forget to do these for our com 210 class)


  3. Hey Rachel! I just wanted to start off by saying that I am sorry to hear that you have been encountering health issues due to eating gluten. I ran into a problem with eating meats, making me go vegetarian, or my version of that anyways. The concept to this project is great. I think it is important for people to understand that cutting gluten out of your diet is not a limiter, and that there are still many options for those who wish to, or have to live a lifestyle as such. Reading your post, I see that you are trying to focus on just that, illustrating the other options of food choice. However, I’m not sure if that every aspect of your image portrays that. You have a series of pictures that are gluten free, but then you have the text “create healthy habits, not restrictions,” which I do not believe necessarily emphasizes your original idea. I think that to make your message stronger, you should find an image with words, or create a new text that really hits the nail on the head. I would also suggest finding more images to portray variety. Maybe find some snacks that are gluten free, yet still looks like something every would enjoy, as well as other proteins and vegetables. I think you are on to a good start, and I cannot wait to see the final project.


  4. Hello Rachel first I’d like to say thank you very much for your feedback on my graphic design assignment I found it very helpful, and second I really like what you have done with your blog so far, especially you blog topic, I found it very informative, enjoyable to read and even inspirational, it made me makes me want to start a more healthier diet because (just like majority of college students) I don’t always exactly make the healthiest food choices I mainly go off budget. Aside from your blog topic itself the graphic design is actually very good it all flows together really well, nothing looks out of place and all around a good choice of images and process for creating said design. The only suggestions I would have is cropping as well as actually blending the images together an image quality (and by image quality I mean some pop out more than others in terms of colors, contrast and the lighting so it somewhat takes away from it) but other than that great job.


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