Graphic Design Project


I decided to create a poster for my graphic design project. The intent of this poster is to create an idea that living a gluten free lifestyle is not all about what you can’t eat but figuring out solutions to eating what you want and making that your lifestyle. There are brownies in the lower right hand corner. The caption above it saying that you can bake with brown rice flour instead of regular flour. These still taste virtually the same and are actually better for you. It is substitutes like these that inspired this idea. Along with finding substitutes for foods you love, you can always just eat clean. This is what I do most of the time. This pretty much means eating natural whole foods like veggies, fruit, chicken, eggs, rice, etc. Doing this, you pretty much just eat those food as are (of course you cook them if wanted or needed). This is represented in the photo of the veggies spilling out of the basket. These two principles are ideas I use everyday when eating gluten free. It as not as hard as you would think and I actually feel a lot more energized on a day to day basis because of it.

To make this, I took images I found on Flickr that I was allowed access to use and then mainly relied on the magnetic lasso tool in Photoshop to cut the pieces of the image I wanted out and place them on the poster. I then played around a lot with rotating, placement, and scale. I also used the text tool a couple times for the header and the smaller text. Additionally, I placed rectangles of color behind the header text to make it stand out more. I used the same steps that were used in the bulletin board tutorial. I found the images I used on Flickr. I knew I wanted to incorporate a popular sweet dessert (the brownies) to show how simple it is to change ingredient around to create a similar yet healthier, indulgent food.

One problem I encountered twice was when I was using to magnetic lasso tool I had the wrong layer selected and did not even notice. This made me cut out something I did not want to and was quite frustrating. to prevent myself from repeating this mistake more than twice, I kept double checked my work to make sure everything was on the right step and layer.

For my final graphic design project I changed a lot from the draft. Basically, I redid the poster but with almost the exact same concept. I found out one of the pictures I used on my draft had all right reserved so I could not use it. I also wasn’t in love with the outcome of my draft. I didn’t like the colors and mood it had. So, I used a different wood picture in the background (one that was much warmer). I chose different pictures of the foods (making 100% sure I had permission to this time). I added more text too which made it more informational. Lastly, adding the blocks of black behind the white text made the title stand out so much more! I am very happy with my final product now! The pictures and colors all work together so much better!

Here are the links for the photos I used below:

^ this link is to the “wheat free, gluten free” picture. I cut out the middle circle and didn’t use anything around it from the original.

^this link is for the brownies. Again, just use the main brownies and non of the blurred brownies in the background, to create a cleaner look.

^this link is for the image of the vegetables. There was just white surrounding them which I did not want to have on my poster, so I cut that out.

^this picture of wood was used as the background of this poster. I did not do anything to it, just used it as is.


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