Logo Final Project


This is my final logo project! My topic is about being gluten free so I wanted the text to be straight forward. I also want to incorporate wheat somehow because when I was doing some research on the internet, every logo I found about gluten used wheat as well. Wheat plays a huge part in a gluten free diet, in that you have to completely cut it out.

To make this, I first started with the oval shape using the ellipse tool. Then I chose a color to fill it in with. I wanted to do either a green or a cream color. I figured the green would make the wheat stand out best. I also wanted some sort of border so I gave the shape a white thick stroke and it ended up looking a lot better. The draft did not include the stroke border so I could see a huge difference in the end. I then went on to the text. I used the text tool to first type out “gluten free” then I did the “100%”  after because I wanted it to be larger in size. I changed the font and played around with the stroke size and color. I went with a darker green for the stroke color. Next I used the paint brush for the stem of the wheat and then used the ellipse tool again to make the leaf shapes coming off of it. I made copies of the original single leaf so they were all the same size. I filled them the same color as the steam and moved them around a bit and played with the angles to make it look realistic.

I utilized the varsity lettering tutorials to help with creating the text. I struggled a little with Illustrator as it is fairly difficult to use. I feel like it is hard to make what I am envisioning. Some of the tools really threw me off. Something that kept happening while I was using the paint brush tool was that the line it was making had several lines within it and whenever I tried to change it, it would go straight back but eventually I got it to work. Additionally, when I worked on the logo using campus computers and transferred it to my laptop I would have to change the fonts because the versions of Illustrator were different. The last issue I had was when I finally finished and was happy with the result, I uploaded it to word press and the color looks a lot different from when I have it open in Illustrator. It is a lot more of a vibrant, bright green than a dark forest green. This was a little upsetting at first.

The feedback I received on my logo draft was really helpful and constructive.  My peers liked the use of green and the wheat and said they could easily tell what my project topic was. So I kept both of those things. However, I worked harder on the wheat and made to pieces to add to the overall logo. I think this looks a lot better. I also added a border as one of my classmates suggested. Something I thought was necessary was to change the font. I made it a lot tighter and neater which I like. In the end I added a couple stars as well so tie it all together. I am really happy with the changes that I made.

I did not use any materials that were not mine. I created everything in Adobe Illustrator.


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