Final Audio Story

This is my final audio story. I made my audio story a narrative. It is me talking about the gluten free lifestyle. I was not really sure which sounds to record to incorporate but I finally thought that kitchen sounds would make the most sense. The sound at the beginning and end is chicken being cooked. I find myself cooking/grilling meat often so I found this very relevant to this audio story. I also added in some background music, it is just a little bit of piano and I think it really adds a lot to the mood. I downloaded the song from Soundcloud and it can be found at this link:

I did a little bit of research on gluten to add some accurate definitions and information to what I was talking about.  Other than the definition of gluten and where it comes from, I just use my own knowledge about everything I have experienced on my own. I first wrote myself my script of what I would say in the recording. Once I recorded my narrative part, I went to my kitchen and while I was cooking I took some recordings of sounds that were taking place. I placed one at the start and one at the end.  I had 3 separate tracks that I brought into Adobe Audition. I then played around with the overlapping and finally exported it as an MP3 and uploaded it to sound cloud. I was planning on incorporating a chopping or cutting sound but I did not like the way it sounded.  Also, I added in another 45 seconds of me taking about my personal journey with gluten. I am glad I did this because I want people to realize that a gluten intolerance can come up at any point in your life.

I would say that it was not too challenging to use Adobe Audition. For the final project I will play around more with some of the tools provided in Audition. One thing I did in the final that I did not do in the draft was I played with the volumes a lot. I did not realize how important this was. My draft was all wonky sounding because some parts were a lot louder than others and it created an odd flow. There is a lot going on when looking at audition and your tracks uploaded. I do not know what a lot of it is so it is just a little intimidating.  I did not run into any major challenges.


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