draft video story

This is the draft of my video story.  It starts out with a friend of mine who is also gluten free. She talks about why she went gluten free, the benefits of the lifestyle, her biggest struggle with it and tips. Following is a clip of the gluten free isle at the grocery store and then my food at home that I use a lot.

I would like to add a voice over to the last two clips. I tried to add me talking about finding items when shopping along with what I typically eat but the sound turned out very distorted and weird so I did not end up using it in this draft. I also planned on the interview only being 30 seconds but I realized that was pretty unrealistic for the amount of questions I asked and to get thoughtful responses. For the final product I was thinking of separating the questions I asked to put them in different parts of the whole video. I am also planning on putting some background music at a low volume.

Using Adobe Premiere is somewhat confusing to me because there is a lot going on within the application. I struggled a bit while making this draft. I did not run into any major problems but I want to look up some YouTube tutorials to help me add better effects. This video also took a very long time to upload to YouTube for some reason so I hope its faster for the final product but well see.

Another thing I am planning on adding is a “title page” or a type of starting slide. Overall there are still some things I would like to add but this is the basic idea of what am would like to do.


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