Final Video Story

This is my final video story.  It started out as an interview of a friend of mine who is also gluten free. She talked about why she went gluten free, the benefits of the lifestyle, her biggest struggle with it and tips. Following is a clip of the gluten free isle at the grocery store and then my food at home that I use a lot. I was not happy with the overall video I had for my draft. The video clips didn’t really flow together and the interview had a lot of background noise that got in the way. My friend was not available to do another take of the interview so I decided to go in a little bit of a different direction.

First I started my new video project with a title slide introducing the topic, then it goes into a clip of me giving a little bit of background about my topic and personal history with my gluten free lifestyle. Proceeding is a few clips in the grocery store where I show some of my favorite items. It ends with a closing slide. Throughout the video I have an upbeat song playing at a low volume to add more to the overall mood.

I had a little bit of trouble with the video somehow being sped up at the start so it looked like my mouth was not lining up with my speech. This was a bit frustrating but I just took the clip out then re-inserted it and it was successful. Other than that I did not run into any major problems. Adobe Premiere Pro got easier after I watched more tutorials online to help guide me. I used the tutorials to help add the transitions between video clips and get the opening and closing slides just right. Using Adobe Premiere Pro was somewhat confusing to me because there is a lot going on within the application. I struggled a bit while making the draft however got better with it as time went on and I got more practice with it.

I am now happy with the way My final video turned out.

Here is the link to the background music that I found on SoundCloud:



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