Reflection Blog Post

My favorite project I did this semester was the logo project. Making logos is something that really interests me. I enjoy the concept of figuring out what symbols, pictures, and/or words can go together to establish one logo that represents a company’s values.  I also really like making multiple sketch then choosing which one worked and fit the best with the topic.

Learning all the basics of the Adobe suite throughout this course will really help me in the future. I feel like now, if I need to I can use any Abode program to create, edit, or piece something together. This is a skill I can put on my resume and better my chances at some jobs that could require having some previous knowledge using the Adobe Suite.

I see myself going into a job in public relations or marketing. This class has given me the basics I need to know about blogging, as well as endorsing a company or topic. This will be influential in my career path because it has made me want to start a blog and get my name out there. I can use the skills learned in this class to help with that.\

I feel that all skills I wanted to learn, I did in this class. I now can make a logo, make and edit a video of my own, create great audios, etc.

One site that was very useful was Sound Cloud. I was able to find music I could use on my projects that was free and available for all users and able to remix it. I also found that doing research on various websites about your own topic can help you decide what you really want to accomplish out of your own blog.

One thing I wish I had done was come into lab more, I feel that could have benefited me a lot and I could have improved my skills even more.  I realize that I need to step out of my comfort zone and ask for help more. This is something I will do more in my classes next semester.

Thanks to all who have helped with this blog and read my posts!